NESA Cares
     To help you avoid going broke paying for a nursing home, NESA has developed the innovative NESA Medicaid Planning Team concept.

     Each team consists of a local Estate Planning lawyer licensed to practice law in your jurisdiction, a local Financial Advisor (Agent) licensed to sell financial products in your jurisdiction, and a Medicaid Planning expert from NESA.
     The members of a NESA team work together to provide complete expertise for your benefit.  All three of the disciplines mentioned above are essential for successful Medicaid Planning, and the absence of any one of them could result in a Plan that leaves you on the short end of the stick. 

     NESA’s approach, however, combines the skills and expertise of all three professional disciplines to provide customized solutions to satisfy your needs.  In this way, you get enormous benefits that are unavailable anywhere else.

     Each Medicaid Asset Protection Plan created by NESA is UNIQUE and is customized for you according to five standards:      To be sure you get the quality of service to which you are entitled, every member of a NESA Medicaid Planning Team agrees to a binding set of rules and regulations governing the performance expected, as follows: 

Attorney Rules and Regulations

     The local attorney’s job and rules consist of the following: 
  • to create a separate lawyer/client relationship with you, which of course invokes the lawyer’s duty to protect your interests;
  • to insure that NESA and the Agent comply with all laws of the local jurisdiction and provide services that are in your best interests;
  • to review and modify if necessary the Medicaid Asset Protection Plan produced for you by NESA;
  • to insure that the Agent offers to you what you need (i.e., the financial products that have been recommended by NESA and approved by the attorney) unless the Agent presents compelling reasons to substitute a different financial product and convinces NESA and the local lawyer to agree;
  • to provide the legal documents needed by you to implement NESA’s Medicaid Asset Protection Plan; and
  • to assist you in applying for Medicaid benefits, etc.
Agent Rules and Regulations

     The local Agent’s job and rules consist of the following:
  • At the outset, to serve as NESA’s sales agent for the purpose of helping you to engage NESA’s Medicaid Planning services;
  • Later, if the unique Medicaid Asset Protection Plan prepared by NESA for you and approved by the local attorney actually suggests use of financial products for Medicaid purposes, to review NESA’s suggestions to determine if the suggested use is in your best interests.  If so, the local agent goes ahead and helps you acquire the suggested products (or reasonable equivalents).  If not, the local agent, the local attorney and NESA collaborate in an effort to define whether financial products should be included as part of your Plan and, if so, to determine which products, if any, will serve your best interests, comply with local law, and satisfy Medicaid’s requirements.  If no such products are readily available, NESA suggests alternative strategies that do not involve financial products;
  • In any event, to refrain from offering any financial product to you without the prior written approval of both NESA and the local attorney unless the local agent presents a compelling argument to substitute a different product from the one suggested in the Medicaid Asset Protection Plan and both NESA and the local lawyer agree;
  • Under the supervision and guidance of the local attorney, to help you re-arrange your assets to facilitate implementation of the Medicaid Plan.
NESA's Rules and Regulations

     NESA’s job and rules consist of the following:
  • to provide written instructions, regulations and training materials to each team member and to follow up regularly to ensure every member understands the rules and follows them;
  • to carry on continuous research conducted by a trained Medicaid Planning lawyer to obtain the most current Medicaid rules for every jurisdiction in the country;
  • to insure that the local lawyer and the local agent on each team, whether chosen by NESA or by the client, meet NESA’s high standards of integrity and competence;
  • to conduct on-going compliance reviews of the conduct and performance of team members.  NESA operates under a "zero tolerance" standard in this respect, so that any breach by any team member will result in immediate dismissal from the team;
  • to deliver to the local agent or local lawyer (within 24 hours after NESA has received complete and accurate data) a customized Proposal for your use of NESA’s services;
  • to design a custom Medicaid Asset Protection Plan for you that, when properly implemented, will shelter the maximum amount of assets that can reasonably be sheltered consistent with local Medicaid rules; and 
  • to provide a written Guarantee to you of the lowest amount of your assets that will be sheltered, with provision for returning your entire Medicaid Planning fee if the guaranteed amount is not met.
     For more information about NESA, please go to our Information Page.